All addressing for the entire county (including Elba, Kinston and New Brockton) with the exception of the Corporate City Limits of Enterprise is administered from the 9-1-1 Office located in New Brockton. 

To obtain an address in the county, including Elba, Kinston and New Brockton, call 334-894-5242.

To obtain addresses in the City of Enterprise, call 334-348-2697.

In order to obtain an address, one must have a driveway/entrance to structure installed or determine the exact location of the driveway/entrance to be installed before an address will be assigned. Only permanent structures (dwellings, barns, shop buildings, etc.) will be assigned addresses. 

Campers and motor homes will not be considered permanent unless they have external power from a utility company and sewage facilities. Lots in subdivisions approved by the Coffee County Commission located in the unincorporated portions of the county are addressed once the construction is completed.