Solid Waste Department

  Welcome to Coffee County Solid Waste!

We are located at 1139 East McKinnon Street in New Brockton, Alabama. Our hours of business are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am-4:30 pm.

2024 Garbage Holiday Schedule

Service Tips

**Garbage Definition** Garbage is defined as all debris accumulated within the household that is in need of disposal. Garbage does not include household furnishings, carpets, remodeling debris, appliances, batteries, tires, and propane tanks.

Always place your cart out the night prior to your scheduled service day regardless of a holiday — collection times can range between 5:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Thursday.

When placing the cart in your service area, face the opening of the cart toward the roadway with the handle facing away from the roadway.

Please ensure your cart is within 3 feet of the roadway for the automated truck to reach the cart, make sure your cart is 3-4 feet away from your mailbox, fencing, vehicle, additional carts, or any other obstruction which could prevent the truck from accessing your cart. Our drivers will not service your cart if it is too close to an obstruction to avoid damaging your property.

Our drivers will not collect any waste that is not in the cart. Due to our automated trucks, our drivers do not exit their trucks to pick up excess or bulk waste. Excess or bulk waste can be taken to the Coffee County Landfill. Landfill Address: 7733 Highway 125 Elba, AL 36323 Phone: 334-897-6773

All garbage shall be bagged in plastic bags, tied off, and placed loosely in assigned Coffee County Garbage Carts. We will not be responsible for the spillage of garbage due to winds, stray animals, or carts being improperly placed on the county right-of-way. Unauthorized containers will not be picked up by Coffee County Solid Waste.

Replacement of carts. It is the responsibility of the resident to remove the cart from the right-of-way and protect carts from abuse or misuse. In the event of damage due to negligence (ie, throwing hot ashes in the cart or not removing the cart from the right-of-way promptly), the resident will be charged a $75.00 replacement fee. If the cart becomes damaged from normal use, a repair will be made by Coffee County or a replacement will be issued. If the cart is stolen from the resident's property the resident must contact Coffee County Sheriff's Department and Coffee County Solid Waste. (We must have the police report to replace it without the $75.00 fee)

The Solid Waste Department asks residents to clean their garbage containers by washing them with mild soap and water. You may also sanitize and control odors by rinsing the garbage container with a diluted bleach solution and rinsing it thoroughly.

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