Local Emergency Planning Committee

What is the LEPC?

The LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Committee) is a committee mandated by law. In 1986 Congress passed the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) also called SARA Title III which required each State to establish an Emergency Response Commission (ERCs). The ERCs were to designate emergency planning districts and the districts were to develop local emergency planning committees. In Alabama, the Alabama Emergency Response Commission (AERC) made each county an emergency planning district and each district developed a local emergency planning committee.

The LEPC meets quarterly at the Coffee County Complex in New Brockton.  For more information, contact our office at 334-894-5375.


Membership on the MCLEPC is in accordance with Public Law 99-499 and Alabama Executive Order No. 4: elected State and local officials, law enforcement, emergency management, firefighters, emergency medical services, health, local environmental, hospital and transportation personnel; news media, community groups; and owners and operators of facilities subject to this sub-title. The membership list must be submitted to the AERC annually.